“Upon this rock I will build my church”
Matthew 16:18 – the rock of the living Word of God.

minister of the Word

The word is translated to Spirit
when it enters the heart
at the point of revelation

Passionate about the Word of God, Racine is a minister of The Word in Spirit and life. After 19 years under the mentorship of Prophet TB Joshua until his passing in June, 2021, Racine received a powerful vision from God, and launched The University of God on June 19, 2022 together with his wife, Ruth. Racine and Ruth Bousso welcomed their first child, Pearl Emmanuel into the world May 26, 2023 and are committed to serving God with their lives.

partner with Racine

The vision of The UOG is to help get the Word into people’s hearts for it is only there that it works effectively.

Their vision also embraces local churches all around the world. They want to cooperate with ministries around the world for spiritual growth by imparting their knowledge, experience and spiritual gifts as the Spirit leads. It is only when today’s church realises that the spirit of man is the fountain of faith that the Holy Spirit will be involved in our affairs. If God has put it in your heart for your ministry to work together with Racine Bousso, please get in touch today!